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A Workflow to open an Amazon US page in the local Amazon site

Making it easy to switch between Amazon sites using Workflow

Quite often someone on Twitter posts a link to an interesting product on Amazon in the US, but I want to see if it’s also available on the Amazon UK site.

For a while I’ve just been hacking the URL in the address bar to change “.com” to “.co.uk”, but realised there’s an easier way to do it in Workflow.

I started by using a regular expression to extract the path and query from the URL, but obviously nobody likes RegEx 🙂. Luckily I discovered the “Get Component From URL” action which does all the fiddly parsing work, and without much effort I now have a share extension I can call to open any Amazon page in any local Amazon site.

I’ve submitted the workflow to the Workflow Gallery, so I’ll let you know if it gets accepted.

Update: The Workflow got accepted into the Gallery, and can be found at https://workflow.is/workflows/f55a44739e8945b2b20ed00e14ad5158. Hurrah!

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