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Paying to remove ads

Why I added an option to remove ads in 'Count The Days Left'

Following on from an earlier post about why I put ads in my Count the Days Left app, I’ve now added an option to let users make an in-app purchase to remove those ads for a low, low price.

Why do this?

Two reasons really.

Clearly nobody likes ads, as they are very rarely relevant to what you are looking for. If you find them really irritating, you can now remove them.

Second reason is about money. It’s unlikely that I will earn £0.99 of ad revenue per user, especially as I’ve deliberately not put the ad in a prominent place for taste reasons. If users do pay to remove the ads, it’ll be (slightly!) more profitable for me.

This approach also gives users the chance to say thanks if they like the app. Asking for money while giving something back somehow seems a nicer approach than using a “tip jar” I’ve tried before.

Live long and prosper

I was particularly pleased with my use of the 🖖 emoji in the in-app purchase screen.

Screenshot of the Ad Free Screen

Feel free to contact me via Twitter at @yeltzland if you have any thoughts on any of this.

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