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Trello vs GitHub Projects. Power vs Simplicity

Trello is great and has lots of features, but I've switched to using GitHub Projects for tracking my work items

Big news this week is that Trello is being acquired by Atlassian for a whopping $425 million!

Now I like Trello a lot. I’ve used it for my own projects for a while, as have a few companies I’ve worked with recently. It’s got a nice interface, is easy to use with some powerful extensions and can be easily integrated into other systems to make it really useful.

However recently I’ve switched to using GitHub Projects for tracking my work items and I’m pretty happy about doing so.

GitHub Projects has a similar style Kanban card-based interface, but has no extensions and as far as I can tell, and the API is currently only in Preview mode. The web interface is also slightly flaky in Safari on iOS.

So what’s to like? Well for me, the big advantage is that the work items are right next to the code in GitHub, so it’s really easy to find when you are working on multiple projects. It integrates perfectly into managing issues via GitHub - great for my open-source projects, especially when following the GitHub Flow process using pull requests Also, even though Trello is very extensible, I never really use those power features, and a simple Kanban board is enough for me.

I really hope GitHub do add a few more features to their Projects board - for example webhooks for when a card changes column, and the ability to assign cards to commits - but for now it’s good enough for me.

It’s interesting Atlassian recognise the potential synergies with their existing software management software too. However I’ve recently gone all in with using GitHub, and I’m really happy about that decision right now.

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