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Windows as a runaway truck

Getting close to breaking point with Windows

I’m starting 2017 returning to Android development (which I’m really looking forward to!), and for reasons now escaping me I decided I should do this on either my Windows desktop or laptop.

I hadn’t turned on either machine for a few weeks, and therefore was hit by a barrage of updates, fixes and other processes absolutely caning the hard disks. In combination with having to update Android Studio x2, it basically took all morning to get nowhere fast.

With lots of discussion recently about Steve Jobs’s ‘Cars vs Trucks’ metaphor for mobile OSes vs traditional PCs this felt like being run down by the demonic truck in Steven Spielberg’s very early movie Duel - watch it if you haven’t seen it.

I’m almost certainly going back to installing Android Studio on my MacBook Pro this afternoon. No idea what I was thinking before!