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A Workflow to upload web content to Medium

Building an efficient way to copy posts from my web site to Medium

In the near future, Writing on Tablets is obviously be massive success, when the whole world discovers pearls of wisdom like these.

However right now, I get many more readers on Medium - although still not many! - so I’m currently duplicating posts from the website to Medium.

I want to automate this, and in theory I should be able to do this through IFTTT by hooking up the site’s RSS feed and my Medium account. However, for whatever reason this has never worked for me.

On a PC, it’s pretty easy to copy and paste the website page content into Medium, but as ever this isn’t quite so easy on an iPad. However, what we do have is the Workflow App to help, and I’ve built a workflow to do just that.

The workflow takes a selection from Safari as input (via the Share extension), and uses the Medium API to first get your user ID, and then post up the selected content as Markdown. I also added some code to automatically append an attribution for the original page at the end.

The code needs an Medium Integration Token, which can be generated on your Medium Settings page, but other than that is simple to configure.

I’ve submitted it to the Workflow Gallery, so I’ll add a link if/when it’s approved.

If you’re reading this on Writing on Tablets, the generated Medium article is at https://medium.com/@yeltzland/a-workflow-to-upload-web-content-to-medium-writing-on-tablets-8e5798b8f56e#.49ymh1stz

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