Writing on Tablets Tech stuff from @yeltzland


Writing on Tablets is brought to you by John Pollard, an independent software developer and recovering ex-Microsoft employee.

The intention is to write each day something reasonably topical, but you’ll be able to see for yourself how that’s working out.

I’m also intending on doing most of my writing on my iPad Pro (2016 9.7 inch model), mainly because I like a challenge.

I’m chiefly interested in mobile (mainly iOS but sometimes Android), web and machine learning, so I expect what I write will be focused in those areas.

Why “Writing on Tablets”

  1. Most of the content is written on my iPad
  2. The speed of updates will be like they are being passed down from high on stone
  3. For health reasons, I’m writing for the site on medication which may or may not affect my mood

Take your pick on which definition you prefer ☺


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